A Guerrilla Campaign

Our protest cannot be polite.

DefendBlack serves as a guerrilla campaign to provoke a proactive consciousness around self defense, and specifically to promote a conversation that lacks in response to the repetitive and intentional mistreatment of Black and melanated people at the hands of systematic forces/systems within this country.  Using billboards, wild posting, and t-shirts featuring iconic Black leaders as a means to spread and promote the narrative of acting in self preservation. The images feature mugshots to highlight a part of due process that too many black lives simply don’t get.

We must not be polite: the fact remains that Blacks are under targeted attack.

This campaign calls Blacks to uphold our natural right to protect and defend ourselves when our humanity is attacked.  Current campaigns are props for further harm by taking on the appearance of allyship yet providing no real measures of support for our communities or avenues to create programs that can affect actual change.  Through our wheat posters and merchandise, we provide visual reminders of successful resistance movements and encourage Blacks and marginalized people to embrace self-determination & self defense, push beyond what is encouraged of us and imposed on us, in order to create the tools to build our future on our terms.

Boycotting, protesting, and media campaigns won’t protect from the war this country has waged and acted upon against Black skin.

The Grand sum of #DefendBlack is to provide the narrative that the answer lies outside of what is told, taught, and shown to us – I.e- the lack of compliance, resisting arrest.  We chose these specific visual marketing mediums intentionally, to widen the opportunities that we have to touch our audience and inspire them to take action and learn more about ImpactOVERFame’s mission.  Our goal is to create a campaign that exists outside of social media in an attempt to create an experience that connects with the Black community in real life.






#DefendBlack Tees

All proceeds are reinvested to fund current & future campaigns, community programs, and product launches that serve to directly support our marginalized communities.

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